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The Irish English Network (IrEN)

The Irish English Network (IrEN) is an international network of linguistic scholars interested in Irish English, the English spoken on the island of Ireland. The network aims to:

  • promote linguistic research on Irish English within Irish English, within Irish Studies, and within the broader field of research on the varieties of English
  • provide a platform for scholars of Irish English to share current research and perspectives and to disseminate information on publications, courses of study, open scholarships, corpora of Irish English and useful resources.
  • to facilitate scholarly exchange within and across disciplinary borders around the globe.

​The Irish English Network (IrEN) is a member of the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) since 2021.

Scholars in Irish English are invited to join the network. Membership is free of charge. All interested parties – whether scholars of Irish English or not – are invited to sign up for the Irish English Network newsletter and to use the contact address supplied to let us know of new publications, events or resources of interest.

What does the Irish English Network offer linguists studying Irish English?

  • Free membership
  • Stay up-to-date: newsletter, twitter, facebook
  • Get connected internationally: searchable membership lists
  • Publications: Disseminate information on your publications and get up-to-date on other publications via a searchable publication list (search by author, year, publication type or keyword in title)
  • Resource bundling
  • Visibility for researchers & research area via platform & events & representation within Irish Studies (EFACIS affiliation)
  • Optional reduced membership fee for EFACIS & subsequent benefit from EFACIS programs & events & support initiatives

What does the Irish English Network offer lay persons, teachers or scholars from other disciplines?

  • Links to resources on Irish English
  • Potential interdisciplinary/ transdisciplinary research partnerships
  • Searchable publication list
  • Getting in contact (searchable membership lists)
  • Stay up-to-date: newsletter, twitter, facebook

You are invited to watch the recording of the third EFACIS Roundtable Discussion held on 14.10.21 in which the Irish-English Network and foci of present and potential future linguistic research on Irish English is introduced: (Organisers: Anne Barron, Carolina Amador-Moreno; Host: Katharina Rennhak, president of EFACIS; Chair: Gerardine Meaney; Participants: Carolina Amador-Moreno, Anne Barron, Karen Corrigan, Raymond Hickey, Bettina Migge, Elaine Vaughan)