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Irish English Teaching Resources

Newspaper articles

How the Irish, like, speak now? (19.2.2016, Irish Times)

The Irish accent is changing fast: the ‘Dort accent’ has been replaced by upspeak and ‘globish’ inflections. At the forefront of the linguistic evolution are Dubliners, the middle classes and young women


Special Bloomsday podcast on Irish English and Nuala O’Connor’s novel (Nora, 2021)

In this special Bloomsday podcast within the EFACIS podcast series, Carolina Amador-Moreno, from the University of Bergen, talks to Nuala O’Connor. They discuss the author’s the research for her novel Nora (2021), her rewritings of Joyce’s letters, her search for Nora Barnacle’s voice, the difficulty of finding a balance between the flavour and authenticity of a language and just too many convoluted constructions, the beauty of Irish prose and how it is perceived in the US, and the language of her childhood and how she co-opts it in her fiction as a way to honour that language and her parents. Nuala O’Connor also reads a short excerpt from her novel Nora and introduces us to her new project about a historic maverick woman from Cork.

Check it out at:

Podcast on language, migration and identity

In this podcast, Professor Karen Corrigan from Newcastle University talks about her book “Linguistic Communities and Migratory Processes”. It focuses on language, migration and identity of the people of Northern Ireland in the past and today.

Thank you to Professor Corrigan and the Accentricity Podcast for allowing us to share this recording!


Video on taboo language in Irish English

Ana Mª Terrazas-Calero talks about the use of taboo words in Irish English in a talk entitled “Taboo Language: What Does This F*cking Mean?!”. The talk was held at ENGLISH TALKS 2016 Barcelona

Video on ‘Yeah, no’ in Ross O’Carroll-Kelly novels

Ana Mª Terrazas-Calero talks about ‘Yeah, no’ in Ross O’Carroll-Kelly novels within the context of a paper entitled “‘Yeah, No’ in Irish English fiction: Pragmatic functions and indexicality of a ‘new’ pragmatic (…)” within the context of the Congreso Cilc 2021

Historical overview of research on Irish English

Thanks to Ray Hickey for this pdf presenting a brief historical overview of research on Irish English. A shortened version of this presentation was presented at the 3rd EFACIS Roundtable on the Irish English Network on 14.10.21.